House League

Arlington Aces Spring 2022 House Soccer League

Resident registration opens February 15th at 10am and

Non-resident registration opens February 22nd at 10am.

Registration closes on March 27th.

$60 for Residents, $70 for Non-residents

Aces House Soccer is a recreational league for players in Kindergarten through 6th grade. Players register for specific practice date and time (see activity codes) and the players in each practice time will form a team. (Groups may be combined across grade or gender, depending on the number of registered players.)

Teams will have maximum of 20 players and will be volunteer-coached. Games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays.  Practices begin the week of April 11th and games will start the weekend of April 23rd. The season has 5 weeks of games, with the final games being played the weekend of May 22nd. 

Registration questions? Please email Kevin Wollnik,


Practice and Game Day Information:

Practices and games are at the same location.

The program will be instructed by volunteer coaches.

There will be one team per practice time (code registered for), and each team will have up to 20 players.

In Kindergarten through 4th grade, teams will play two simultaneous small-sided (5v5) games. For 5th/6th grade, teams will play a traditional 9v9 game on one field.

(Click on Code to register)


Level Day Time Location Code
Kindergarten Mon 530-620pm Windsor 1 55903
Kindergarten Tues 530-620pm Windsor 1 55904
Kindergarten Wed 530-620pm Windsor 1 55905
Kindergarten Thurs 530-620pm Windsor 1 55906
Kindergarten Thurs 630-720pm Windsor 1 60389
Kindergarten Fri 530-620pm Windsor 1 55907


1st Grade Boys

Level Day Time Location Code
1st Grade Boys Mon 530-620pm Windsor 2 55908
1st Grade Boys Tues 630-720pm Windsor 2 55909
1st Grade Boys Wed 530-620pm Windsor 2 55910
1st Grade Boys Thurs 630-720pm Windsor 2 55911


1st/ 2nd Grade Girls

Level Day Time Location Code
1st/2nd Grade Girls Mon 630-720pm Windsor 2 55913
1st/2nd Grade Girls Tues 530-620pm Windsor 2 55914
1st/2nd Grade Girls Tues 530-620pm Windsor 2 55924
1st/2nd Grade Girls Wed 630-720pm Windsor 2 55915
1st/2nd Grade Girls Thurs 530-620pm Windsor 2 55916


2nd Grade Boys

Level Day Time Location Code
2nd Grade Boys Tues 630-720pm Windsor 3 55919
2nd Grade Boys Wed 530-620pm Windsor 3 55920
2nd Grade Boys Thurs 630-720pm Windsor 3 55921


3rd/ 4th Grade Boys

Level Day Time Location Code
3rd/4th Grade Boys Mon 530-620pm Thomas 1 55928
3rd/4th Grade Boys Tues 530-620pm Thomas 1 55939
3rd/4th Grade Boys Wed 530-620pm Thomas 1 55930
3rd/4th Grade Boys Thurs 530-620pm Thomas 1 55941
3rd/4th Grade Boys Fri 530-620pm Thomas 1 55932


3rd/ 4th Grade Girls

Level Day Time Location Code
3rd/4th Grade Girls Mon 530-620pm Thomas 2 55943
3rd/4th Grade Girls Tues 530-620pm Thomas 2 55934
3rd/4th Grade Girls Wed 530-620pm Thomas 2 55945
3rd/4th Grade Girls Thurs 530-620pm Thomas 2 55936
3rd/4th Grade Girls Thurs 630-720pm Thomas 2 55946


5th/ 6th Grade Coed

Level Day Time Location Code
5/6th Grade Coed Mon 530-620pm Carefree 55948
5/6th Grade Coed Mon 630-720pm Carefree 55949
5/6th Grade Coed Tues 530-620pm Carefree 55950
5/6th Grade Coed Wed 530-620pm Carefree 55952
5/6th Grade Coed Wed 630-720pm Carefree 55953


House League Soccer Jersey

You may purchase a house league soccer jersey (reversible blue and white) for $15 one of two ways.  (1)You can come in person at the front desk of Pioneer Park, 500 S. Fernandez Avenue.  The building is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm and Saturdays, 9am to noon.  (2)You can also purchase on-line using the link below.  Your coach will distribute jerseys ordered by March 27th at your first practice.

If you already have a house jersey, no need to re-purchase.  Jerseys are available in sizes youth medium through adult large.  Please be sure to purchase a jersey that is large enough to fit over a warm layer.

Link to purchase below (open February 15th - March 27th):

Aces House Soccer Spring Jersey K-6th


Starting March 28th only in-person jersey purchase available at Pioneer Park.

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