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Congratulations, Arlington Aces U15 Girls

Congratulations to our Arlington Aces U15 Girls on winning the National Championship at the 2018 Presidents Cup in Westfield, IN.

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Spring 2019 registration is now closed.

Please contact your local community center for late registration information.

The Aces House League is a recreational league that emphasizes fun and fair play over scores and standings. Teams have a 1-hour weekly practice and play games against other Arlington Heights teams. Practice days, times, and locations are determined after the pre-season coach meeting. Teams are split into 7 divisions:

  • Kindergarten: 3 v 3, no goalies

  • 1st grade: 5 v 5

  • 2nd grade: 7 v 7

  • 3rd grade: 7 v 7

  • 4th grade: 7 v 7

  • 5th and 6th grade: 9 v 9

  • 7th and 8th grade: 11 v 11

Kindergarten teams are co-ed. Boys and girls in 1st through 6th grade play on separate teams and in separate leagues. Depending on the number of registered players, 7th/8th grade teams may be co-ed. We try to place players on teams with players from the same local park (you choose your park when you register) and from the same school. Placements depend on how many players are similarly registered and the number of local volunteer coaches. 

When you register, you may request that your child play with one friend. Your request must be mutual. We do not honor multiple or circular requests (friend A requests friend B, friend B requests friend C, friend C requests friend A). Players may not request coaches, and coaches may not request players.

Players who register after the deadline will be placed on a wait list and added to teams with open roster spots. We are unable to guarantee placement on a team or honor friend requests for late registrants.


Spring 2019

Grade Camelot Frontier Pioneer Recreation Res/Non-res fee
K 20183 20190 20197 20204 $68 / $78
1st 20177 20184 20191 20198 $68 / $78
2nd 20178 20185 20192 20199 $68 / $78
3rd 20179 20186 20193 20200 $68 / $78
4th 20180 20187 20194 20201 $68 / $78
5th 20181 20188 20195 20202 $68 / $78
6th 20182 20189 20196 20203 $68 / $78
7th XXX XXX 20205 XXX $68 / $78
8th XXX XXX 20206 XXX $68 / $78

 Kindergarten and 7/8th grade teams are coed. All 7th and 8th graders register out of Pioneer Park.

Do you need a uniform? Kindergarten through 6th graders wear a reversible blue/white jersey, and 7th/8th graders wear a full blue/white uniform. If you do not have the correct uniform, or if your uniform no longer fits, click the uniform link to purchase one.

K-6 Jersey ($15):  20213

7-8 Uniform ($35): 20214


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